2018 Reflections + 2019 Goals

Hi Everyone,

HAPPY 2019!!

You may have noticed (or not!) I was a little MIA in the month of December. It was a month I am happy to put behind us because truth be told, we worked harder than we’ve ever worked before. Even though the work was hard and trying, the end result was AMAZING! You see, our house renovation was finally complete, well let me rephrase that….the plumber left at 8pm on 12/23 and my entire family rolled in at noon on 12/24. Talk about cutting it close! Not only were we getting ready for the holidays, but we were also putting our house back together after 6 months of disruption and preparing for a house full of family through New Year’s Eve. Magically, we pulled it together and had the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER in our new space surrounded by friends and family we love. After everyone left, Jay and I came down with a terrible head cold/ sinus infection. We’re finally coming out of it and ready to start the New Year (designated to begin on 1/9) with a BANG!

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One of my favorite lifestyle + style bloggers www.thefashionmagpie.com (a daily read for me) summarized her year in the following way. I loved it so much that I am following the same structure. Last night at our family dinner, we talked through these exact topics...so great to hear the kids perspective on lessons learned and favorite memories (which was hard to limit to just one!)


BIGGEST LESSON FROM 2018 | We are surrounded by too much STUFF...plain + simple. After purging several bags of STUFF right before the holidays, it became clear to us that we really don’t need much and the feeling of a clutter-free space, limited to only the essentials, felt so liberating. I know the buzz these days is all about minimalism, and I am all for it! This newfound love for buying less (quality over quantity, essentials over frivolous, mindful purchases over just buying) will be a continued focus for our family and my business in 2019.

BIGGEST REGRET FROM 2018 | Somewhere between October and November, I developed a fear of putting myself out there in my business. Even though my calendar was full of clients, I was second guessing my ability to do what I do. I was in a slump and spent too much energy on things that didn’t matter and ultimately it was pulling me back. I stopped posting on Instagram and Facebook, thinking who’s even interested in what I have to say? Looking back on it….this was self-inflicted and quite silly. In 2019, I’m going to give myself more grace, love and encouragement to keep going and doing what I love.

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT FROM 2018 | I spent a lot of time behind-the-scenes laying the foundation for my business which I am super proud of. At the same time, I was seeing clients and marketing my services with a learn-as-you-go and fine-tune-as-needed mentality. Going into 2019, I have a more streamlined business model which allows me to turn around requests quickly while looking and feeling more professional (thanks to my new branding!).

FAVORITE MEMORY FROM 2018 | The first phase of our house renovation (the kitchen) was done at the end of October. On the first official day of being able to use the new kitchen, I had an all day work event and wasn’t getting home until late. All I could think about was getting home, packing into our new space, and cooking up our first meal! To my surprise, when I got home, my lovely husband prepared appetizers and had a cocktail waiting for me. We all sat around the island talking about our day. The kids played music and we danced in the kitchen. I knew this space we created was going to bring us a lifetime of memories just like this one.

NUMBER ONE RESOLUTION FOR 2019 | Stick to (up to) 3 Must-Dos on my calendar every day. I’ve been known to pile my day with an endless list of to-dos, leaving me both exhausted and deflated for not getting everything done. I’m going to challenge myself to prioritize the top 3 things I need to get done in one day and then call it a day! I moved into my new planner which will help give me the structure to simplify my weekly planning and ultimately get things done.

FAVORITE HOME PURCHASE | I had always wanted a proper pepper grinder but why did I wait 20 years and a new kitchen to invest in one?!? This grinder makes me so happy and is now one of the most used items in our kitchen.

FAVORITE GIFT | One of our very dear friends gave us the most thoughtful kitchen-warming gift when we moved into our new space. This cutting board is so beautiful and functional in a simplistic way, not to mention, I just love the website and all of the products featured. If you’re looking for a gift idea, this board is a must!

FAVORITE BEAUTY DISCOVERY | I’ve been dedicated to my RODAN+FIELDS skincare routine for nearly 2 years and just love the results. My skin is more even, pores are smaller, and tiny wrinkles are kept at bay. I had been searching for a foundation, but not foundation that would give me a little coverage without feeling like I had a whole face of makeup on. This YSL All Hours Foundation Stick is an amazing product which gives me a nice glow without feeling cakey. This product will be in my makeup bag for years to come. I also received a sample of the YSL The Shock Mascara which I play on buying in full size when I run out. This mascara is defining and lengthening without feeling heavy or smudging on my eyelids (which tends to happen to me often with my oily lids).

FAVORITE FASHION PURCHASE (MOST WORN) |  Living in CLE, I needed a workhorse daily boot that will go with my winter style. In years past, I lived in my Ugg boots because they were comfy, kept my feet dry, and well….are comfy. I needed all of these features + stylish. I snagged these Aquatalia boots on sale in November and have worn them pretty much everyday. I honestly would have paid full price for these boots because they are that good and the cost per wear keeps improving! The quality of these boots is top notch and I know these will be in my wardrobe for many years to come.  

TOP GOALS FOR 2019 | 1) Continue to put myself out there because good things happen  when I step outside of my comfort zone :-) 2) Foster meaningful + frequent connections with the people who matter most in my life 3) Simplify our home, our schedule, our mindset, my business, my wardrobe….oh yeah, my word for 2019 is SIMPLIFY!  4) Show up consistently daily on social media, weekly blog post, monthly newsletter 5) Exercise consistently (2x/week) 6) Track and prioritize our spending

Hope you enjoyed this little recap! Wishing you a 2019 filled with joy, love, laughter, connection, and style!

I’d love to know...what is your word of the year? Biggest memory of 2019? Biggest Lesson? Favorite Purchase?

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