Signature Style Program

Do you feel like….

  • Your personal style taken a back seat as you’ve taken care of everything and everyone else over the years?

  • You’re running out to buy a new power outfit the night before a big meeting, event or trip because you feel you have nothing to wear?

  • Your eager to try new looks and trends but need someone to give you permission to try i.e....yes, it’s ok to pair black and blue together.

  • You dream about an ideal wardrobe system that allows you to grab-and-go outfits to meet the demands of your busy lifestyle? 

  • Being the SuperWoman that you are, you're looking for a streamlined and stress-free morning routine?

If you can relate to one or all of these statements,

you are ready for the Signature Style Program.


The Wardrobe Formula will help you

take the stress out of getting dressed

while giving you confidence at work and play.

Step One

In this program, we will start by defining your Personal Style. It’s so easy to lose our sense of style as life gets going. I am here to help you get your style back so you can stand out and feel more confident in your wardrobe.

Step Two

Next, we will align your wardrobe to your lifestyle needs, ensuring you have the right clothes to wear for any occasion. Ladies, this includes your WHOLE self. Think about every hat you wear...wife, mom, career trailblazer, friend, board member, volunteer, etc. Your wardrobe needs to work for you, no matter which hat you’re wearing.

Step Three

Then, we will identify a Color Palette that allows you to effectively mix+match your wardrobe. We’ll include colors that excite you and have you feeling your best, adding neutrals and accent colors that all go together in perfect harmony. You’ll never have to wonder….does this go with this?   

Step Four

With a shopping list in hand, I’ll take care of the shopping, returns, and exchanges. Because your time is of the essence, I’ll bring the clothing to you so we can style and transform your wardrobe real-time.

Step Five

Finally, we’ll create outfit combinations which best fit your body type and style. Do you remember the old “garanimals system” we grew up with? Well, this is the same concept, only better! This will help you streamline your morning routine, so you never have to worry about what to wear.


This full-service, 6 week package will transform your image,

raise your confidence,

all while saving you time, stress & money

so you can focus on what you do best!

What’s Included:

  • Personal Style Development: Determine your current style needs, body shape, overall style vibe, & color palette

  • Wardrobe Cleanse: Assess each item in your closet & remove items that no longer fit, want or need (I will donate to charity or work with a consignment store, on your behalf)  

  • Wardrobe Restyle: Re-fresh your wardrobe by creating 10-15+ new outfits from the clothes you already have in your closet!

  • Personal Shopping/ Returns/ Exchanges: Either I will shop or we’ll shop together, then I’ll create countless outfit combinations to maximize your looks! 

  • In-Person Styling Session: This is the best part! We try on clothes and watch the transformation happen!! I love seeing my clients light up when they try on something they wouldn’t have picked out for themselves.

  • Digital Style Book: You will receive a Digital Look Book (and App!) which contains photos of all of your new outfit combinations.

Ready To Get Started?