Wardrobe ReStyled


Do you feel like…

  • You're wearing the same outfits over and over again?

  • Have you wondered...Does this outfit look good on me? How do I mix patterns?

  • How about the clothes hanging in your closet with tags still on them...how do I wear them?


The Wardrobe ReStyled package follows the methodology of The Wardrobe Formula helping you take the stress out of getting dressed by creating new outfit combinations from what you already own, re-inspiring you to wear your existing wardrobe.

  • We’ll spend 2 hours together creating new outfit combinations with the clothes hanging in your closet.

  • I’ll give you tips on how to best dress for your body shape so you can feel confident in every outfit you put on.

  • This is your time to ask me anything...Can I mix gold and silver? Navy and black? How do I mix patterns?, What’s the best t-shirt to own? You get the idea!

  • If you need to add a few things to maximize your wardrobe even more, I've got you covered! I'll give you a shopping list of additional items to consider adding to your closet.

  • Lastly, you will receive a Digital Style Book app which contains photos of all the outfit combinations.

What's Included:

  • Personal Style Assessment

  • In-person Style Session: We will create 15-20+ new outfits from the clothes in your closet.

  • Shopping List: I'll provide you with a list of new items to buy along with recommendations on where to buy

  • Digital Style Book: You will receive a Digital Look Book (and App!) which contains photos of all of your new outfit combinations.

Ready to Get Started?