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The Fall Session is NOW OPEN!

Registration open Tuesday 9/3 - Tuesday 9/10

Session begins Friday 9/13 - Monday 12/2


  • Have you often wondered:  “what looks good on me and where do I buy these items?”

  • You take fashion cues and buy exactly what your favorite blogger wears but can’t figure out why it just doesn’t work for you?

  • Your closet is overflowing with clothes and yet it seems like nothing ever goes together or works for you.

  • Have you ever wished you could have an “on-call” personal stylist for those last minute dressing needs?

  • Have you bought clothes from a retailer because the sales person told you it looks amazing on you (even though you weren’t feeling it but didn’t want to hurt the sales person’s feelings)?

  • You’re looking for style tips on how to dress your unique shape and style where style articles, Pinterest, or bloggers may fall short.



  1. You could spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on clothes that look good online but don’t fit your personal style or your shape.

  2. You could hire a personal stylist to work with you one on one and do all of the shopping and research for you.

  3. You could ask your significant other/ husband and kids “How does this outfit look?” (and we all know how well that works out!)

  4. You can keeping defaulting to the same old things because at least you know it works, even though it leaves you feeling uninspired and not representing your true style and self.


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    • STYLE VIDEOS featuring tips on How to Dress for your shape, Wardrobe Building tips, Simple ways to add style to your existing wardrobe, Outfit Suggestions, Step-by-Step guide on how to define your personal style → we’ll create and tailor videos based on YOUR most commonly asked style questions

    • SHOPPING LINKS to help you easily shop featured items

    • SEASONAL FOCUS reviewing wardrobe basics and trends each season

    • “BEST OF” FEATURES that highlight specific clothing pieces that are tried + true to help you take the guesswork out of what to buy (i.e. Best Denim, Tees, Cardigans, Dresses for Work, etc)


    • Private Facebook group for STYLE SUPPORT

    • MONTHLY GIVEAWAYS: Makeovers, Clothing, Beauty + More from Style Access Partners!

    • ACCESS TO A PERSONAL STYLIST (Me!) to answer YOUR style questions in the FB group + Lives



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Style Access is a supportive community, empowering the on-the-go woman to live her best life in style! Ladies, this includes your WHOLE self. Think about every hat you wear...wife, mom, career trailblazer, friend, board member, volunteer, etc. Your wardrobe needs to work for you, no matter which hat you’re wearing.

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Hiring a personal stylist can be a real investment but it should not be a barrier to obtaining real style advice, tips/ tricks of the trade used by a personal stylist to build your personal wardrobe.

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As a personal stylist, I have worked with countless clients to find the best brands + style tips that work for every shape. The style suggestions found here are based on what works for real tried + true promise.


There are 2 options to join for the late Spring/ Summer Session. To celebrate the launch of this exciting new program, I'm offering a special price for the seasonal/ annual membership options. As a Founding Member, you'll be locked in at this price for as long as you remain in STYLE ACCESS. For new members, prices will increase next season, so join now to take advantage of the savings! 

OPTION 1: Seasonal Membership

Perfect for the woman who wants to learn style tips and up her style game…one season at a time.

Late Spring/ Summer Session Dates (May 8-Aug 8)



For the woman who is committed to building a wardrobe that has her looking + feeling her best all year long. An annual membership will keep you up-to-date on wardrobe basics + current fashion trends for each season.

Membership includes all 4 seasons (May ‘19-May ‘20)

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Meet Sylvie:

Founder of Style Access

Hi, I’m Sylvie, your Style Coach!

I’ve built a business working 1:1 with women in Cleveland to help them define their personal style and build a wardrobe that takes the stress out of getting dressed. With each client, I see the results in what a powerful wardrobe can do and help them achieve. I believe in the power of dressing for your day. When you show up for your day wearing an outfit that makes you look and feel confident, you can spend your time and energy focusing on what you do best. I want to broaden my reach and help even more women feel amazing about how they look. Read more about Sylvie’s story here

Sharing a little client love

I needed fresh eyes on my wardrobe to come up with more creative, well put together outfits for work. [Since working with Sylvie] I’ve gotten so many compliments on my outfits and feel more confident. Putting outfits together has been fun and I’m working my way through the 45 outfits Sylvie came up with on my Style App. [Sylvie] was so encouraging and fun to work with. I appreciated the follow up as well with recommendations.
— Gretchan, Hair Stylist
[Sylvie] helped me find a dress for a benefit I was chairing. She helped me find a perfect dress for the benefit, one where I felt confident and comfortable. [Sylvie] listened well, asked questions, and didn’t take it personally when I didn’t like something she picked out.
— Nancy, Human Resources
I needed help combining colors and putting together outfits, while looking professional and staying true to my personal style. [Sylvie] taught me how to combine clothes, textures and colors. Sylvie understands your style and works with you. I did not have to buy a lot of clothes...she helped me to find some key pieces to put many different outfits together. Sylvie makes it fun too!
— Silvia, Physician
I needed help styling my outfits differently [vs wearing the same outfits over and over again]. So many people have complimented me on my outfits since working with [Sylvie]. Also, I love having the app to refer to on busy mornings when I just can’t decide what to wear. You are amazing at shopping— everything you recommended fit perfectly and added depth or excitement to what I already had.
— Susan, Physician
I never knew what to wear and as a result was stuck in a style rut. [Since working regularly with Sylvie], I get constant compliments on the way that I dress! Complete strangers tell me how much they like my outfits. One of my friends says that I look “glamorous” now. Sylvie is creative, flexible, budget-conscious, fun, and efficient!
— Meg, Physician
I wanted to look more “pulled together”, basically look good all the time. Sylvie is very easy to work with, no criticism or embarrassment, did not push me out of my basic style but suggested additions I might like. She made good suggestions based on my body type and coloring. Sylvie teaches you how to carry what you learn into your life.
— Joanne, Physician


Why Style Access? I totally get a consumer you have many options to choose from for style help. Stitch Fix, Trunk Club, Influencers and Bloggers, Online Stores, Brick-and-Mortar stores just to name a few. I work with ALL brands and ALL stores to curate the best options for my clients and members. I will deliver this same promise to you. Plus, it’s not about buying more and MORE clothes. You will receive style suggestions here such as how to maximize the clothes you already have in your wardrobe. You’ll be able to ask me directly how to style your most challenging pieces and the Style Access community will benefit by following along! I’ll teach you how to use accessories to really step up the “cool factor” for any outfit.

What if my clothing budget is different from other members? When I provide shopping links for recommended items, I will be sure to provide a range of items to fit everyone’s budget.

How will you account for different shapes and sizes? We all come in different shapes, sizes, and heights. I will do my best to offer suggestions and ways to make adjustments based on our unique sizes and shapes.

Can I cancel my membership? If you find this community is not for you, you may cancel your membership at anytime. No refunds will be provided. Your membership will automatically renew until you cancel your membership.